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Waking Desire (Part 1): Cake Day

We Christians love to talk about how God is a God who gives good things, who is a God of order, who comforts us… all of these are true. But sometimes I forget that one thing He is NOT is predictable. He likes to surprise us. And man, oh man, when I really want something, being surprised SUCKS. To be more accurate, when I really want something, waiting sucks. He likes to remind me that I want something, then invites me to sit in anticipation of Him meeting that desire without having any idea how or when He\’s going to do it.

Frankly, it mostly pisses me off. Imagine Mom coming home from the grocery store with an amazing cake. Teenage me has sworn off cake because I think it\’s bad for me, and Mom is like, \”Hey, I brought home your FAVORITE cake. Remember how much you love it?\” Then she waves it in front of my face and reminds me of all of the things I love about that cake until I\’m ready to eat it right now. \”Oh, no, that cake is for later.\” What?? When later?? \”Oh, just… later.\” And I\’m stuck looking at and wanting that damn cake every time I walk through the kitchen.

That\’s God in my life. A lot. It\’s something I\’m learning to enjoy about Him (when I can let go of the fear that He\’s not going to meet my needs and desires), but I admit I mostly find it annoying. Think I\’m wrong? Let me tell you a romantic little story.

Once upon a time there was this woman. We\’ll call her Emmy. (I assure you, any resemblance to my name Amy is completely coincidental.) Emmy was learning to enjoy the heck out of a celibate life. She was getting to know God. She was learning to have better, more fulfilling friendships. She was discovering things about herself she didn\’t know before. It was a beautiful time–a time she walked closely with God, figuratively and literally. She and God took long walks together on the bike trail behind her house. They had special spots on the trail where He had whispered loving things in her ear. Things like, \”I knew you would be here when I put this creek here,\” and \”I\’ve made you part of a new family.\”

Emmy was happy and content. She\’d seen so many of her needs for love and intimacy being met in unexpectedly platonic ways. She had victory over that irresistible craving for intimacy that had driven her to sex with the nearest attractive guys she could lay her hands on. Maybe sex just wasn\’t for her. She could handle it. Mostly. She began to forget that she\’d asked God for a husband and a family. After all, she was within spitting distance of forty. She\’d never wanted to be one of those woman who freak out because her biological clock is ticking. Contentment was safe. Being content made it easy to forget that her deep desire for specific intimacy might still be there. She only knew two ways to handle desire: 100% containment, or unleashing the beast. Taming it wasn\’t her area of expertise.

There were occasional prods, pokes that woke desire, caused it to stick its nose out of its hibernation cave. Uninvited moments that delighted her but also left her feeling a bit like she\’d been ambushed. There was the memorable week when she finally connected with a neighbor the day before he was supposed to move out of town. They went for drinks after he\’d found her lost dog, and they closed down the bar talking. He extended his stay day by day as they made a tour of Anchorage restaurants and bars, talking late into the night like they\’d known each other for years. Then it began to snow. The threat of icy roads on the trip south finally drove him away, leaving her with ghost traces of his kiss and the pressure of his hand on her back. It was just as well. A pasture fenced by time (not heartbreak) was a safe place for desire to come out and play.

There were moments like that, glimmers, really, when circumstances pushed desire out into the light. Emmy didn\’t seek them out, but she didn\’t fight them. Then came a weekend–she joked to her friends that it was \”fertility weekend\”. It also happened to be the weekend of the Super Bowl. There came a weekend when desire was pushed out into the open, naked and blinking. It started with a friend\’s baby shower on Saturday. This friend was Emmy\’s age, and pregnant with her first child. Emmy had avoided baby showers for awhile–the reminder that her ex had never been ready for kids was just too painful. But she was past that now, and she went happily, the token single friend with a gift of wine to save for after the baby was born.

There was, however, something a little different this time. You see, Emmy had been having dreams. Strange dreams about houses that stretch and grow. (To be continued…)



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  1. Don’t end things this way! It’s cruel , , , but I suspect you have a purpose. Looking forward to part two.

  2. Don’t end things this way! It’s cruel , , , but I suspect you have a purpose. Looking forward to part two.

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