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Every moment has meaning. I write to unearth those moments in my own life, healing my connections to myself and the world around me.

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Pious Magic: A Memoir of Disenchantment

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A work in progress

The Pious Magic that I’d practiced nearly 40 years held my life together and gave it meaning. Then it began to fail me. Heartbroken from a collapsing marriage, I was surprised when deeply meaningful moments burst into my life. God met me and began to heal my heart. Not at church, not reading the Bible, but on the trail by the creek. I followed where those moments led… out of my marriage, out of the church, out of the Republican party to find true love, family, and meaning deeper than I’d ever thought possible.

I’m currently writing draft 7 of Pious Magic, planning to look for agents toward the end of 2023. Interested in representing me?