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I write to get inside the status quo. While I’m there, I leave images and stories that stick in the imagination like a burr that won’t be brushed off. No matter what you think of my writing when you first read it, you won’t be able to unsee what I’ve shown you.

Part literary memoir, part social commentary, part spiritual insight, my work grounds the Things that Matter in a reality much richer than what most of us are accustomed to seeing.

You can reach me at amylfarnham@trivialcircumstances.com

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A memoir in progress

The white American evangelical church is in a crisis. According to the New Republic, more than 20% of its members left from 2016 to 2019, and that is just the beginning. There is a growing awareness of toxic masculinity in the church, and many women are leaving not only their church, but their marriages as well. If that is not enough, white evangelicals are at the nexus of the current American political and health crises, with politicians and media personalities hijacking faith and using bad theology to prop up manipulative, abusive politicians and to discourage people from getting life-saving vaccines. Entire churches are crumbling over these issues.

There are some great books on the market analyzing aspects of this situation. There are a growing number of self-help books for evangelicals dealing with abuse or “deconstructing” from harmful religious beliefs. But sometimes telling a personal story is the most powerful way to capture such a complex problem. 

Enough is the memoir for the moment: a story of how my deep and unexpected encounters with God helped me find my true worth and led me out of my toxic marriage to a politician, out of the Republican party, and ultimately, out of the church I’d spent my life serving. It includes an entanglement with a manipulative lover, a trip to Paris where my Airbnb host has psychic healing powers, a church imploding, and a long-awaited wedding. There are moments where the magic of eternity breaks through to reality: boots change color, houses from dreams turn out to be real, and writing about whales conjures them into real-life existence.

There are a growing number of voices in the world pointing out how toxic the conservative evangelical church is for gay people, for people of color, for anyone whose identity can be used to make them an outsider. I was an insider–a straight, white woman–and it was toxic for me, too. Enough is the story of me coming out as a human being.

I’m currently querying agents with my proposal. Are you interested in working with me to publish this book?

Loci for Change

I have several online outlets for my disruptive writing, depending on how deeply you’d like to engage with it. Come for the self-radicalization, stay for the fun and good company.

Trivial Circumstances Blog

Trivial Circumstances is where I first realized the impact my writing could have. I wrote, and people responded in dramatic, life-changing ways. They left toxic marriages. They started talking about Things That Matter.

My blog is where I try out disruptive writing ideas and techniques. I’m currently working on Evolutionary Parables: Re-Telling the Stories that Shape Us.

Home for the Wayward Community

The people responding to my blog needed a home. They were desperate to talk but completely uncomfortable commenting publicly. I created this Mighty Networks community as a safe place to explore new and radical beliefs with likeminded company. My goal for the Home is that each member would find the best, most creative version of herself.

Oh, we also have a virtual bartender. Want to find out what that is?

Patreon Support Community

Writing is hard work–emotionally, mentally, spiritually. I wish it were physically harder, I might be in better shape. I appreciate my Patreon community for their support in all aspects of what I am doing. Also, select support levels get you a yellow mug that says “disruptive af”. You know you want it.

More than a writer, a Big Idea Curator

I Can Help You with your Project

In addition to my own disruptive writing, I enjoy working with other people on communicating their Big Ideas. Whether it’s a unique method you’ve developed for your profession or a romance novel that you can’t get off your mind, I can help you develop your idea. If you like, I’ll even write it on your behalf in your voice.

I specialize in big, complex ideas and the formats the fit them best: books, online communities and courses. I’m a trained, experienced Mighty Networks host. I do not write social media content, and I do not offer copy editing services.

For more information, check out my slideshow below, then book a free, 30-minute consultation.

Why hire Amy as Big Idea Curator?


What People Are Saying

About my writing and communities

So glad to have a space to talk about things like this.

A.S., member of the Home for the Wayward

I appreciate the opportunity for discourse at a high level about what really matters.

J.W., blog reader

About my writing services

Amy makes the book writing process much less painful, even fun! She finds ways to communicate my ideas that really stick in people’s heads. That’s important because what I’m trying to teach is new and kind of complicated. I’ve been developing my ideas over 12 years of practice—sometimes it’s not exactly simple to explain them. She’s helped me improve my interactions with my readers. And make money from them!

Tera S., client

Amy Farnham

Disruptive Writer and Curator of Big Ideas


Amy holds a Master’s in Comparative Literature from the University of Chicago and adds nearly two decades of business leadership experience to her formidable writing skills. She realized she should write full time when she noticed that what she’d always liked best about her job was communicating complex ideas to people unfamiliar with them, from nanotech to oil pipeline integrity to banking software.

Amy lives quite happily in Alaska, thanks to her canine hiking buddy and her garden.

Current Projects

Enough (memoir working title). Currently looking for agent.

Seeds of Learning Community
Ongoing project

Untitled Executive Functioning Therapy Book
2022 Release


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