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I help culture-shifting writers get creative with their message and their medium. My clients have more fun and make more money with my help.

Please note, I am not taking new clients at this time. If you’d like to work with me in the future, fill out an interest form. I will notify you when I am available.

The meaning in your musings...

My approach

So many writing services focus on getting it “right”—Is the grammar right? Is the structure right? Does it have the best words for search optimization? And on and on. For me, writing is like crafting a piece of jewelry. I look for the true gems in your ideas, and I unearth what is most compelling in your message. Then I cut and polish and shine with images, sentences, and organizational structure that bring out the best in those ideas. Once the idea is ready, I find the right setting for people to appreciate it. Maybe it belongs in a book, maybe a 2-page handout, maybe a workbook, maybe a YouTube slideshow. There are so many options. I help my clients pick the format that best suits their message, their personality, and their needs.

My background

I’m a writer first and foremost (with an AM in comparative literature from the top-20-ranked University of Chicago). I honed my writing skills in a 20-year career in the business world. I spent the first decade in marketing research and the second as a software project manager/analyst. In those roles, I learned to make the most of my message to accomplish my goals. I love to help others do the same. 

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Here are a few ways my writing services can help you...

Make your best even better

Every writer needs someone to help find and highlight the best parts of their writing. When I work with an editing client, they feel seen. I find the gems in their writing and cut and polish them into jewels. 

You’ll get:

  • A consultation call or an email to discuss the ideas you want to convey
  • Review of your content 
  • One round of written suggestions followed by Q&A

This is for: People whose writing isn’t having the impact they feel like it should. Writers with work in progress who are stuck and need some suggestions.

Please note: When I do developmental editing, I make suggestions. I do not rewrite your piece. See copywriting and ghost writing for a more hands-on approach.

Investment: $0.25 per word

Agnes asked me to help her with two 2,000-word pieces. She was also looking to save time on her writing. I reorganized the pieces into 8 shorter posts that conveyed her ideas more powerfully. This also gave her more time to work on her next posts. I love how a good developmental edit can inspire clients and save them a lot of time and effort!

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A done-for-you service

I write blog posts, email newsletters, workbooks, articles, etc. Please note: I am not taking on full-length book projects at this time.

You’ll get:

  • Consultation calls to discuss the ideas you want to convey
  • My review of your existing content
  • Written copy based on your specific needs
  • SEO (search engine optimization) if you need it

This is for: People with well-formed ideas who would like help putting them into memorable language.

Investment: Starts at $300-$500 per short piece


Your message can be efficient, effective, and profitable

Whether you’re struggling to structure your content to fit the form you’ve picked for publishing or looking for the most effective, efficient, and profitable method to get your message to your audience, I can help. This series of interviews and strategic recommendations will help you find the best writing and publishing path for your goals.

You’ll get:

  • Three 30-minute calls for an in-depth discussion of our unique skills and needs
  • A strategy document with a detailed roadmap for reaching your audience
  • Recommended platforms for publishing
  • A 3-month content outline to get you started
  • A 30-minute wrap-up to go over the recommendations

This is for: People who want to find the most efficient, effective, and profitable means of communicating their message to a specific audience.

Investment: $1,500

Tera Sumpter is a successful speech-language pathologist, business owner, and social media influencer. I started helping her write a book and quickly recognized that the material and audience would be perfect for an online education community. I told Tera it was also a great opportunity to earn some money from her material before publishing the book. We created a course and set up a weekly Zoom Q&A for community members. With my help managing the logistics of the network, Tera is able to focus on providing great content. Tera’s Instagram followers LOVE it. Within a year, the community had 500 members. Within a year and a half, it was generating enough income that Tera’s husband was able to quit his corporate job to work for her. Now they both have more time and flexibility for family. I am so proud of what we’ve built together.

Design and Set-Up

Courses and online communities are a great way to vet your ideas with your target audience and grow it at the same time. They are also great ways to generate income with your ideas, even in your early stages of developing them. I specialize in setting up and running communities and courses on the Mighty Networks platform.

What we’ll work on:

  • Community design
  • Technical set-up
  • Course content

This is for: People with an existing audience they’d like to grow and engage with more meaningfully. 

Investment: Starts at $3,000

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Complement great copy with visual impact

As a writer, I know how to complement ideas with images and layout designs that make them sing. This is an extension of my ability to create vivid written imagery (more so than graphic design skill).  I have created innovative visual stories for complex ideas in industries ranging from software development to pipeline engineering to banking.

Here are some examples of the types of products I design:

  • One- or two-page summaries
  • Digital workbooks
  • Slideshow presentations (can be converted to video)

This is for: People looking for high-impact, short form written products

Investment: Starts at $500

Any of my services are available on a monthly basis at $100/hour, starting at 10 hours a month minimum. 

Investment: Starts at $1,000 per month

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